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Professional Sprinkler Repair Amarillo

If you’re looking for a reliable company that can give you the greatest sprinkler repairs and installations, the Sprinkler Point is here to serve you. We’re one of the best sprinkler repair in Amarillo TX. Sprinkler point has been in this industry for 15 years. Since then, we’ve been providing customers with sprinkler system installation and repair; both commercial and residential.

Sprinkler point specialized in residential and commercial sprinkler repair and installations. We’re capable of offering quick efficient service. We treat each of our customers with the most honorable respect. You can rely on us for maintaining and repairing all brands of sprinkler systems. For all commercial grade Rain Bird equipment, you’ll receive from us, we’ll give you a 3-year warranty along with them.

Apart from installing and repairing commercial and repairing sprinklers, we can also offer you our service in well systems, outdoor living construction, landscaping, landscape lighting, and firewood. Overall, our mission is to help you conserve water and protect the landscape by installing and servicing lawn sprinkler systems. So, if you ever have to schedule your repair service, dial us at 806-372-4640 or contact us.

Service We Provide

Amarillo Sprinkler Repair Experts

Residential sprinkler repair and installation

Sprinkler Point has installed around 700 sprinkler systems in Amarillo and other surrounding areas successfully. When it's about repairing and installing residential sprinklers, our main focus is to work with the homeowners so that we can offer maintenance-free, easy to operate a residential sprinkler system.

Commercial sprinkler repair and installation

You can also call us for repairing and installing commercial sprinklers. We're great at installing and repairing this kind of system; as we have the experience that is needed to design and install such projects. We've installed and engineered commercial sprinkler systems for businesses, apartment complexes, and football fields.

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Our Work Process

The contractors of Sprinkler Point go through some steps for installing and repairing commercial and residential sprinklers. First, they organize the materials needed for installation and repairing. These materials include PVC or poly piping, shovels, backflow preventer, fittings, and pipe for above-ground construction.

Once they're finished setting those up, they begin to measure and flag the job site. They do this on the basis of driveways, sidewalks, trees, and utility lines. Then they dig trenches 12" below so that they have no problem putting in the piping, wires, sprinklers, and valves.

After that, they connect the water system to your home’s water supply, as well as put the controller in a place where it’s easy to get to. Once they’re done putting in the controller, they’ll make a final through your property and make final adjustments. These are the basic steps our contractors follow for installing and repairing sprinkler systems.

Why Us?

Customer Satisfaction

At Sprinkler Point we follow a very stringent process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. They are always our top priority and we take every feedback and suggestion with much appreciation.


Sprinkler Point is synonymous with top-notch quality. We have never made any compromise with the quality of the product and ensured the best effort in our services as well.


We are one of the highest-rated services for Sprinkler repair Amarillo TX area. We offer a 3-years warranty for all commercial-grade Rain Bird equipment.

Competitive Price

You don't need to make a dent in your wallet or get a mini heart attack after seeing the surprise bill. We offer a highly competitive price and there is no hidden charge for any of our services.


Larry and Karla Lemarr are the proud owner of our company. One of our owners, Larry is licensed by the state of Texas water commission and a licensed backflow prevention assembly tester.


Our owner Larry has been in the business for about five decades and he is a certified Vista Lighting specialist

Why You Should Not Deal with Amateurs and Always Hire Professionals

Amateurs don’t have the skills, expertise, and knowledge that is necessary for repairing and installing a sprinkler system. If you take help from amateurs, you’d be risking damaging them; which would only cause you more expensive repairs. 

Even if they’re successful at doing so, it won’t last for long and be of high-quality. Taking the assistance of an amateur will only cause you to distress more. It’s also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t try fixing the system on your own. Doing this on your own and dealing with amateurs is basically the same thing. You’ll be facing problems in both cases. 

So, you should always take aid from professionals whenever you’re about to set up a new sprinkler system or find damage to your existing system. They have great knowledge and tools necessary for this kind of job. With their help, you can stay rest assured and enjoy your peace of mind. 


What Our Clients Say

Here’s What Customers Are Saying About Sprinkler Point

If you are looking for sprinkler repair in Amarillo, just call sprinkler point. Excellent service and prices were very reasonable
Wendy J. Garcia
I am impressed with their work. They were very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable from scheduling to field workers to billing. I would definitely use them again!
Jeff Bay
My sprinkler system was leaking. Sprinkler Point did an amazing job fixing my sprinkler system. Highly recommended.
Charlie Duffy
This company is awesome! The staff was very professional. Very detail oriented. I am extremely pleased and have been each time.
Margaret A. Cooper
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Questions & Answers

Yes, you can; but only if you’re experienced at it. If you indeed have the knowledge and skills necessary to install a sprinkler system by yourself, then you can do this without breaking a sweat.

The price of a good sprinkler system usually varies on the area of the property. If you own a small property, it’ll cost you around $2,500 to $3,500 generally. On the other hand, for larger properties, the price will raise up to $8,000 to $1,000.

Like installing a sprinkler, if you have enough knowledge and skills about operating and programming them, then it’s not that hard. Other than that, it’s very difficult.

The best time for turning your sprinklers on is when the temperature hasn’t dropped below freezing. This is the time you should turn your sprinklers on.

You should turn your sprinkler system off as soon as you see the temperatures in your region are beginning to dip below freezing at night.

No, it’s not necessary. However, if the controllers are located in your garage, then you must make prior arrangements.

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